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Question and Answers with a Disney Magic Guest!

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Today, I wanted to give a review on the Disney Magic. I thought it would be fun to have a q & a session with a fellow Disney Lover. The person that participated is Angie Patrick. She has cruised 3 times. She leaves in August on her 4th cruise with Disney. She has cruised on the Disney Dream and the Disney Magic.

So, let’s get started.

Question: When you cruised on the Disney Magic what kind of stateroom did you stay in? Was it comfortable for all guests?

Answer: Absolutely!! The cabins were really nice and clean, but we never stayed there. After our first Disney cruise we chose not to get a balcony cabin just because we were never there at enjoy it . The cabins were really nice and clean, but we never stayed there. We stayed up on the deck, out and about doing all the wonderful activities.

Question: How were the pools and the AquaDuck? Did everyone feel comfortable going down the slide?

Answer: The pools and slides were AMAZING!! Everyone in the group did the AquaDuck and LOVED it!! We like to do that at night because the lines were a little bit shorter and the tubes light up! Super Cool. In the daytime hours, the lines are really long.

Question: What about entertainment, shows etc., was it enjoyable for everyone?

Answer: This is why we like the Disney Cruise, the entertainment. The shows are very family friendly and there is so much to do. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having the movie theatre as an option as well.

Question: Were you able to have adult time, no kiddos? Did you feel safe leaving your son to do the kids activities without your supervision?

Answer: We did have lots of adult time. Our son and his friend, that we brought along on two different trips, were able to to go into the kid programs, which is wonderful by the way. The first cruise we took on the Disney Magic, our son and his friend were in the Oceaneers Club. They loved it so much they didn't want to join us for dinner each night. What was so cool was that we could let the Oceaneers Club know when they were finished with dinner and they would come pick them up from us so we could finish dining. How cool is that? The last cruise we went on they were old enough for the Edge Club and they loved it as well. They felt like they had more independence and they did, but we still felt very safe and informed. Disney gives you little phones to use on the ship, so we could text back and forth with them.

Question: What was your favorite meal? How was the quality?

Answer: OH MY!! We love the dining experiences on the Disney Cruise because you go to different Dining Rooms each night. They all have a different feel and different types of food, but you get to take your server with you. Each member of our family chose a different Dining Room for their favorite, so we really can't pick one favorite. We all loved the boiled shrimp on the lunch buffet and of course the 24 hour pizza bar and the soft serve ice cream.

Question: Would you recommend the Disney Magic and was it worth the price?

Answer: Absolutely, worth the price. I recommend Disney Cruises to everyone I know with little kids or big kids.

Question: What are the pros and cons of the Disney Magic?

Answer: Pros for the Disney Magic: EVERYTHING!!! It's Disney, they do things right! We have cruised several times with other cruise lines, but Disney is by far our favorite. There is so much to do. The Putt-Putt Golf, the Slide, the Shows, Karaoke, Bingo, Movie Theatre, the pools, the Library, Board Games, the list goes on and on.

Question: What do you think would make the Disney Magic better?

Answer: I honestly cannot think of anything. I love everything about the Disney Cruise experience.

Question: Do you have any information that would benefit future travelers or first time Disney cruisers?

Answer: One thing we chose to do on our cruise is to NEVER use the elevator. We do this so we get lots of exercise and can eat lots and lots of ice cream!!

I want to thank Mrs. Patrick for taking the time to answer these questions, providing us with a Disney Magic review.

Amy Bice

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