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Beat the Heat: While Visiting Walt Disney World

Disney World is the most magical place on earth. When you arrive you are transformed into a whole new world. A magical place you never knew. (Sound familiar. Of course it does!). A place where magic is real and dreams come true. Did you know that this magical place can reach temps of 100+ degrees? Don’t let the heat get to you during your next trip. Just be prepared so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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Sun Protection!!! Just like everywhere else, it is important to always remember your sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses at Disney. Trust me! We forgot the hats and the sunglasses on our last trip. Our first souvenir purchase for our little ones were hats and sunglasses. (Which cost us a good $80.) Sunscreen runs and faces are sensitive. Cover them up when you can and you won’t regret it. If you arrive at your Disney resort and realize you forgot any of these items, I promise you that you will be able to find them everywhere!

Drink Water- Lots and Lots of Water!!!

Water is available everywhere. You can have it delivered to your resort through sources such as Amazon or grocery delivery services like Garden Grocer. You can take your own refillable water bottle or buy one in the parks to refill at the water fountains. If you don’t like the taste of Florida water (call me crazy, I like mine purified), you can bring flavor enhancers to add to your water. They often come in single serve packets or small liquid bottles that you squeeze into your water. You can also get a glass of water from any of the quick service locations for free.

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Bring a Fan

Smaller is better! Remember you have to carry it around all day. We like to use this one on Amazon.

It can easily be held, clipped to a stroller or your belt, or stashed away in your bag when it’s not being used. If you forget to pick one up before your stay, the park carries magical little misting fans. They are a bit bulkier and will run you around $16, but they are a souvenir that your kids can use at home.

Pack Extra Clothes – At least for the little ones!

When temps get high, the best feeling in the world is the cool water. Take a ride on splash mountain or let you little one run around in the splash pads that you can find in Disney Springs or Epcot. No one likes running around in wet clothes, so pack an extra set! Put your extra set in a ziplock bag so that your wet clothes have a place to go when you change!

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Take a Break

When midday hits and you can’t handle the heat anymore. Take a break! You can sit and watch at show at the parks or go back to the resort and let the little ones take a nap or jump into the pool. This is a great reason to purchase PARK HOPPER with your tickets!!! Enjoy one park in the morning, go swim at your hotel and freshen up, and hit another park for dinner when the sun isn’t so unbearable.

Grab a Cool Treat!

When all else fails, grab a mickey bar and find a nice shaded area to sit and cool off for a minute.

Always remember that your health is more important than your Fastpass!!!

Take a break… Drink lots of Water… Eat a Mickey Bar… and have a magical day at Disney!

Amber Glenn is an Independent Contractor with Fairytale Adventures Travel Agency. Amber specializes in Family Vacations and Military Families heading to Walt Disney World. She can be reached at or on her Facebook page.

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