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Resort Spotlight: All Star Resorts

So you want to go to Disney but you think it's not in your budget. You should check these "VALUE" resorts. The Disney All-Star resorts. There are 3 to choose from. Is music your thing, then All-Star Music is right up your alley. Are you always at the ball field, then All-Star Sports is the one for you. Or if you are like my family and LOVE Disney characters then check out All-Star Movies.

In this blog I want to share a little information about each of these "value" resorts. Although, the themes of each of these resorts are completely different, they each have the Disney touch! Now let's get to it!!

I'm going to start with my families personal favorite, All-Star Movies resort. This resort has 1,920 rooms that have 2 double beds or a King. The are about 260 square feet and are decorated with a Disney theme. Each rooms sleeps up to 4 plus a child under age 3 in a crib. All-Star Movies is also located in the Animal Kingdom resort area.

At All-Star Movies you can enjoy the outdoor Disney themes. The resort has 5 different themed areas, Toy Story, 101 Dalmations, Love Bug, Mighty Ducks and Fantasia. Each of the themed areas have larger than life statues. For instance, in the Toy Story area you will see Buzz Lightyear and Woody. In the 101 Dalmation area they have Pongo and Perdita. In the Fantasia area you will find Mickey and the Brooms with buckets.

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All-Star Movies has 3 pools, 1 located in the Fantasia area in this area you will also find the Kiddy Pool, and one in the Mighty Ducks area. Here you can enjoy quick service dining at the World Premiere Food Court or the poolside snack bar. They also offer pizza delivery.

Next, we have All-Star Music resort. This is the ONLY All-Star resort that has a family suite. The Family Suite (520 square feet) sleeps up to 6 plus a child under age 3 in a crib. The Family Suites are located in the Calypso area. In a typical Family Suite you will have 1 queen bed, 1 twin sleeper chair, and 1 double sleeper sofa, and 1 twin sleeper ottoman. This resort also has 1,920 rooms. Most sleep up to 4 plus a child under age 3 in a crib. They also have 2 double beds or a King and are about 260 square feet.

All-Star Music also has 5 themed areas, Calypso, Jazz Inn, Rock Inn, Country Fair and Broadway Hotel. In each area you will find larger than life statues. In the Country Fair area you will find Cowboy Boots and in Rock Inn area you will find a Electric Guitar and Jukebox.

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All-Star Music also has 2 pools, 1 shaped like a Piano and 1 shaped like a Guitar. In the Intermission Food Court you can enjoy quick service dining and also enjoy the poolside snack bar. They also offer pizza delivery.

Last but not least, All-Star Sports. If you love sports this one is definitely for you!! All-Star Sports also has 1,920 rooms. They are around 260 square feet and sleep 4 plus a child under the age of 3 in a crib. The rooms have 2 double beds or 1 king.

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The All-Star Sports resort also has 5 themed areas. Each theme area offers larger thank life sports icons. The themes are Touchdown, here you will find large helmets and footballs. In Center Court you will find rackets and a large container of tennis balls. Home Run Hotel features giant bats, balls, scoreboards and what would a game be without a HUGE cup of Cocoa-Cola. Hoops Hotel has whistles and MEGAphones. Surf's Up has surfboards and Lifeguard stands. Surf's Up buildings 1 and 6 are closest to the End Zone food court. Here you can enjoy quick service dining or the poolside snack bar. Pools are located in the Home Run Hotel arean and the Surf's Up area. They also offer pizza delivery.

Although these are "VALUE" resort you can see that Disney still went all out. Whether you are interested in Music, Sports, or Movies, Disney has you covered. If you decide on a All-Star resort for your next stay, keep in mind to ask for your preferred area. Disney does their best to honor your request, but there is no guarantee. You will also get the benefits of Magic Hours and Disney transportation.

Amy Bice

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