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Tribute to Walt Disney

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Walter Elias Disney was Born December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois, Elias and Flora Call Disney. Walter Elias ("Walt") Disney was an American entrepreneur, an animator, a voice actor and a film producer. He grew up in Kansas City. He was part of the American Red Cross and went to Art school where he won an award.

In 1920, he and close friend Ub Iwerks opened up their own art studio. Before the studio closed down they created an animated short series called Newmans Laugh O Grams for Newman Theater Chain.

Walt and Ub went to Hollywood in 1923 and started working for MJ Winkler on Alice Chronicles. They worked there together did until 1927.

Walt Disney was not successful at first. He had to overcome many obstacles before creating the now famous. Oswald cartoon. He created Oswald while working for MJ Winkler. Unfortunately, Walt was unable to retain the rights for Oswald and lost all revenue pertaining to the cartoon.

After years of struggles, Walt continued to be backed by his Brother Roy Disney. One day while doodling on a pad Walt created the one and only Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse was the hit that Walt had been waiting for. Mickey Mouse animation shorts and animation movies were the hit that Walt Disney became famous for. All the while, his brother Roy took over the business side of things. Walt finally had a platform he could use to spread joy and happiness through animation the animation of Mickey Mouse. Walt was also able to create other Disney classics including Fantasia, Snow White, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp to name a few.

He was finally doing what he wanted to do! Creating magic for others to enjoy.

In 1955 he opened a theme park in Southern California...Disneyland! Disneyland was a huge success for Walt.

Walt continued to create even more movies. Live Action films including Mary Poppins and he also worked his way into television with tv hits The Mickey Mouse Club and Wonderful World of Disney.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Family Museum

After all his success in California, Walt had plans to expand the magic create another theme park in Florida. Walt Disney World and Epcot were imagined. Walt had many dreams of the fantasy and magic these parks would create for visitors from around the world.

Unfortunately, Walt did not finish his plans he passed away on December 15, 1966 from cardiac arrest following lung cancer surgery.

Thankfully, Walt's brother Roy knew it would an amazing project and he continued and finished Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World Resort is now home to four parks, 28 Disney Resorts, and is visited by approximately 52 million guests each year.

We now have these amazing places to vacation with our families and friends thanks to Walt's Dream. If it wasn't for him it would not have happened. This all began with Mickey Mouse. Minnie Mouse and the gang (Donald, goofy, Pluto and Daisy) soon followed. As we all say "It all started with a Mouse".

Once you walk into Disneyland and Disney world and see the castles your eyes light up. You smell the scents on Main Street, hear the songs, see performances on the stage, and you are brought into "the World of Disney". You see the smile of the faces of your loved ones and you remember your first time there. Without Walt's imagination and creativity these wonderful and joyous places would not have existed. His visions also led to the amazing Walt Disney movie collection...which have entertained us with movies for over 70 years and they are still coming!

Thank you Walter Elias Disney for having a wonderful imagination! If it was not for your failures your accomplishments may not have existed. Thank you for making it possible and making "Dreams Come True!"

Tiffany Romero


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