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Countdown to Disney: Dates You Need to Know

So you have booked your Disney vacation!! Now what do you do!! Before you start picking out matching family shirts ( I always love that part!!) here are a few things to remember. I'm a planner, so I have come up with a Disney to do list for you. Oh, I did mention I'm a planner, right?!

7 Dates You Need to Know!

7) So, lets get started. Up to 499 days out you can book your Disney vacation accommodations at your Disney resort.

6) Around 200 days out check park hours, crowd levels and start planning your ADR. You will need to set up your My Disney Experience account online and download the app onto your phone. This account is needed to make your ADR and schedule your Fast Passes.

5) Do you have popular Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR) picks on your dining choices list? If yes, you DEFINITELY want to book your Disney vacation prior to 180 days before your arrival date.

4) I always like to have my ADR picks chosen about 1 or 2 weeks prior to the 180 days mark. Making ADRs are different for Disney resort guest and non-resort guests. Disney resort guest can make their ADRs at 180 days + 10 days. What that means is a Disney resort guest can make their ADR starting at 180 days and up to 10 of their trip (if they are there for 7 days, they can make all their ADR) . For non-resort guest they can also begin to make ADR at 180 days, but only reservations for 1 day. There are 2 ways to make your ADR, you can call in (7am EST) or you can use the website (6am EST). Also, if you are interested in a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience now is the time to make those reservations.

3) At around 70 days out, start deciding which fast passes you would like. Be sure to check park hours, they are subject to change so check often. Planning ahead makes everything so much easier when it is time to schedule Fast Pass selections.

2) You are 60/30 days out from your trip. Now it is time to book your Fast Pass selections. This is different for Disney resort guests and non-resort guests. Disney resort guest can book Fast Pass selections at 60 days + 10 days. Again meaning in most cases they can make their entire trip's selections on the 60 day mark. Non-resort guests can make their Fast Pass selections at the 30 days out mark, but again like the ADRs only one day at a time.

1) It's almost go time you are 3 days from your Magical Disney vacation. If you have not purchased

Memory Maker this is your deadline to receive the discounted price of $169 (regular price $199). Now you should also check park hours, shows, parade and fireworks showtimes.

After that it's time to enjoy your Disney vacation!!

If this seems overwhelming to you or to much work, you can always use a Disney vacation planner. We take the stress out of planning a Disney vacation. We do all the work and planning for you!

Amy Bice


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