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Disney Springs: Characters in Flight

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

This past May, my husband and I had the opportunity to check a couple things off our Disney Bucket List and one of those things being a ride on the Characters in Flight hot air balloon. We had purchased our Characters in Flight tickets on Groupon which saved us some money but when we checked in for our flight, we found out everyone rides for $10 if you ride before 10 a.m. Children are regularly $15 and adults are $20.

I will admit, as I stood in line to board the balloon I was nervous - I don't like heights.

When it was time to board, the photographer took us to a spot on the boardwalk to the balloon and took a couple photos (to purchase after the ride) first, then we headed to the balloon. I was reluctant to find 4 Characters of Flight employees and the pilot, carefully checking all the mechanisms and video recording everything to show they were in working order and checking things off their long checklist. When we stepped on, we were asked to walk all the way around to give room for the other guests. There are nets along the front and back of the wrap-around walk way. Once everyone got on, all 4 of those safety employees I mentioned before, also got into the balloon, along with the balloon pilot who will explained to us what we will feel as the balloon ascends into the sky.

Once we got up in the sky, we could see up to 10 miles away! We saw Mt. Everest, Tower of Terror and Spaceship Earth! Sadly, the Contemporary Resort A-Frame building blocked our view of Cinderella's Castle. Looking down was pretty cool too. Seeing the new Disney Springs from way up there was pretty awesome. We could even see the Orlando Eye when we looked east.

Our trip on the balloon was amazing and now that I've done it, I could probably do it again minus all the belly butterflies. So next time you walk by it and ponder if you should do it or not, go ahead and give it a try! You'll be so glad you did.

Prices Subject to change.

Nedi Litteral


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