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Cruise Spotlight: MSC Yacht Club

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Have you ever wanted to indulge in that top-notch extra special kind of cruise experience like no other? Where you have access to all the amazing opportunities on board a luxurious cruise, but yet you have extra privacy topped off with even more lavish perks? Welcome to the MSC Yacht Club! The MSC Yacht Club has just that! Privacy, 24 hour round the clock Concierge Reception, exclusive access to certain venues, round the clock room service, exquisite suites, 24 hour personal butler service, complimentary beverages at MSC Yacht Club Venues, and so much more! The MSC Yacht Club is exclusive to certain ships in the MSC Fleet. Enjoy the MSC Yacht Club experience on board the MSC Divina, MSC Fantasia, MSC Preziosa, and the MSC Splendida. The MSC Yacht Club will also soon be available on the MSC Meraviglia, MSC Seaview, and also, the MSC Seaside. I know that I saw your ears perk-up at the mention of "exclusive access to certain venues", so let's start with the private pool and solarium! Yes, you read that correctly! Enjoy the private swimming pool, bask in the sun's rays on the sun deck, relax in the serene whirlpool baths, and enjoy the enticing bar, all on the exclusive One Pool Deck.

As an MSC Yacht Club guest, enjoy a drink or some tasty cuisine with a visit to the gorgeous Top Sail Lounge. Breathtaking views from this elegant panoramic lounge give your dining experience those extra special, spine-tingling, awe-inspiring moments that memories are made of. MSC cruises always have the finest of mouthwatering, delicious, scrumptious dining, but as a MSC Yacht Club guest, enjoy your own exclusive fine dining! Each of the ships that provide the MSC Yacht Club experience have a private restaurant just for MSC Yacht Club members. High-end dining with a magnificent array of variety and flavors to make your taste buds tingle with delight. If shopping is your delight, then the MSC Yacht Club is definitely for you! Have you ever wanted to go shopping after hours, and with the assistance of your butler? Well thanks to the MSC Yacht Club, you can! As an MSC Yacht Club guest you can experience a private jewelry showing, and even book private shopping trips to the ships fabulous boutiques. Truly a shopping lovers dreams come true! Savor the tranquil delights of the MSC Aurea Spa. Available to all guests, the Aurea Spa is a soothing treat to the senses. MSC Yacht Club guests can reach the Aurea Spa via a private elevator, and relish relaxation in a private MSC Yacht Club massage and treatment room.

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As an MSC Yacht Club guest you'll experience luxury at it's finest. Enjoy the stunning scenery from your suites private balcony or panoramic window, unwind with your ensuit mini bar, enjoy a peaceful deep sleep on your memory foam mattress, Egyptian Cotton Sheets, and deliciously soft or firm pillows of choice. Your suite is encompassed with Italian style and elegance. The perks of being an MSC Yacht Club guest don't stop there. MSC offers delightful adventures, specially tailored outings, guided tours, and select excursions just for you. Your Port of call experience will be that unlike any other. Bringing your spectacular MSC Yacht Club guest experience from the water, right onto the land. The MSC Yacht Club truly is an experience unparalleled with any other.

Tabitha Dodd

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