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Park Spotlight: Conquering Magic Kingdom with a Toddler

So you have decided to take your little princess or prince to Magic Kingdom. Your trip is booked and now you are getting the jitters. Is he/she to little are we going to be miserable? I'm going to give you some tips to help plan your Magic Kingdom day.

Are you more interested in rides or princess/character meet and greets? Do you want a early advanced dining reservation (ADR) or is opening ceremony more important? Another thing to consider is afternoon naps. Will you stay at the park or head back to the resort for a afternoon nap? The questions and worries go on and on!!

Let's start with early ADR vs. opening ceremony. The early ADR will get you into the park before opening. Although, you would miss the opening ceremony.

Are rides or princess/character meet and greets more important to you? This is very important to know when making your fastpass selections. You maybe worried that your little won't be big enough to ride anything. There are a number of rides that toddlers can enjoy. Here is a list:

Barnstormer (35" height requirement)

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Jungle Cruise

Walt Disney World RailRoad

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Mad Tea Party

Prince Charmings Regal Carrousel

Peter Pan's Flight

"it's a small world"

Under the Sea - Journey of The Little Mermaid

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

That is just a few of the things Magic Kingdom has to offer for toddlers.

Magic Kingdom also has a few play areas:

Casey Jr. Splash & Soak in Fantasy Land

(Inside while waiting to ride Dumbo there is a play area and seats for parents)

Laughin' Place (shaded/outside) near the exit of Splash Mountain in FrontierLand

There is also games to occupy kiddos while waiting to ride The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

If your child's normal schedule includes a afternoon nap you will need to decide if you will stay at Magic Kingdom or return to your resort room for naptime. You are allowed to leave the park and return later in the day. Sometimes naps can make or break a park day. You know your child. My girls were always grumpy if they didn't get their naps!!! If you decide to stay in the park schedule your fastpasses for the afternoon.

When bringing toddlers to Magic Kingdom or any Disney park I highly recommend a stroller!!! Another thing to bring is snacks and juices. This is a big thing for us. My kids always want a snack or something to drink while we stand in line.

Some may say a toddler is to young to go to Disney. You can NEVER be to young or old for Disney. When taking a toddler it is always good to have a plan, then you have an idea of what you want to see and do. That being said you don't have to follow it strictly, but you have a guide. It is always amazing to see things through the eyes of your children and Disney makes it even more magical!!

Amy Bice

#DisneyWorld #Toddlers #MagicKingdom

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