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Cruise Spotlight: Disney Cruising for Teens

source:, @DISNEYTM

“Teenagers. They think they know everything. You give them an inch, they swim all over you.” ~Sebastian, The Little Mermaid

Let’s face it, finding a vacation to please your teenagers can be difficult, especially a Disney vacation. Anyone who’s traveled with a teenager will agree they can make or break the entire vacation… just ask my parents. Unless your teens are obsessed with all things Disney, you probably have to fight the “Disney is for kids” misconception. And usually, convincing a teenager who thinks they know everything tends to be more a waste of energy than simply finding a suitable alternative. But what if I told you that Disney offers just as much entertainment for teens as it does children and parents? Mind. Blown. Let me be your argument to prove to your teenagers that a Disney cruise is the perfect trip for your next family vacation. Give them an inch and let them swim all over on a Disney cruise!

First off, what teenager doesn’t want to go on a cruise? Cruises tend to be one of the most popular types of vacations when it comes to the teenage demographic. For one thing, cruises provide teenagers a bit of freedom while on vacation. They have free-roaming access on board and parents don’t have to worry about losing them. Plus, the endless list of athletics and activities keeps teens entertained for pretty much the entirety of the cruise. And let’s not forget the teenage promised land of all-you-can-eat buffets. For teens, cruises slay when it comes to a family vacation. And Disney is no exception.

Here are some Disney-exclusive offerings for teens that will help you win over your teenager:

1. DCL Navigator App

Catering specifically to the social media generation, Disney has designed a complimentary app just for their cruise lines. Easy to download and accessible with the DCL Wi-Fi network, the Navigator App provides guests with a comprehensive list of activities, schedules, and details for pretty much anything you would want to do onboard. It also comes with a chat feature that allows any guest with the app to communicate anywhere on the ship – perfect for staying in touch with the entire family or for hanging out with friends!

2. Teen-only lounges

Disney Cruise Line offers EXCLUSIVE lounges for tweens and teens to get away for a while. Common areas for lounging are decked out with high-tech amenities for the tech-savvy generation. No adults allowed!

Edge – open to passengers aged 11-14, Edge provides entertainment catered to tweens with activities and gaming systems in a hip lounge arena. Interactive games and onboard activities are hosted by Disney counselors including scavenger hunts.


Vibe – open to teenagers aged 14-17, Vibe is the hottest teen-only space onboard. The lounge is souped up with flat screen TVs, a coffee bar, and dance floor. Here, teens can participate in interactive experiences onboard, grab a smoothie, chill in the lounge or have some fun on the dance floor for the ultimate teen experience.


​3. Port Excursions

Disney offers a wide variety of port activities for everyone, teenagers included! One of the most prominent excursions offered at the exclusive Disney Castaway Cay port is The Wild Side Teen Adventure package. This three-in-one adventure is for teens aged 14-17 only. Led by Disney counselors, participants will bike across the cay, ride a speedboat, and snorkel in 22-acres of open lagoon. The cost is $50 per teen and lasts approximately 4 hours. This is just one of the many adventures teenagers can participate in while at the port so be sure to check out all the great offerings Disney has for your teen to enjoy!


Whether your kids are 5 or 15, Disney Cruise Lines has a ton of unique family-friendly offerings, perfect for your next family vacation! For more information, feel free to check out our other blogs on Disney vacations or contact one of our agents directly.

Peter Ikeda

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