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Park Spotlight: Pandora-The World of Avatar

Welcome to Pandora – The World of Avatar

Opening May 27, 2017

The Imagineers of Disney Parks have truly gone above and beyond to transport you into the World of Pandora, the mystical land from Avatar. Pandora – World of Avatar is certain to be a hit with all Avatar fans, however, with the beauty and authenticity of this new land, Pandora will make fans of all of us. Guests will be able to use all of their senses to immerse themselves into the land that celebrates the magic of nature.

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For those seeking thrills and experiences:

Avatar: Flight of Passage

Check out this trilling expedition right in the middle of the Valley of Mo’ara. Hop aboard and experience a banshee’s eye view of a world beyond belief. After bonding with your banshee, you will then fly, soar and dive through passages, under the floating mountains and over the rushing rivers that make up this land.

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Na’vi River Journey

For a more relaxed expedition, hop aboard a reed boat as you float down the mysterious Pandoran River. Along the way you will be immersed in the landscape of the glowing rainforest canopy, discovering plants and exotic creatures along your search for the Na’vi Shaman of Songs.

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There is more to Pandora than just expeditions! All around the floating mountains of this faraway moon, you will discover a world like no other. Shopping and dining at Pandora is one of a kind experience. You can discover exotic pets that come to life each night through bioluminescense. You can get immersed in the culture of the Na’vi through totems and other items found in the land. Pandora will also feature new badges for those Wilderness Explorers.

Looking for something different to delight your sense of taste:

The Satu’li Canteen

This was once the main mess hall of the Resources Development Administration located in Mo’ara. The interior has been transformed with colorful Na’vi items filling the walls and hanging from the ceiling. Now, the canteen is owned and operated by Alpha Centauri Expeditions tour company and has been transformed into a beautiful dining room with museum style touches. Dishes start with a quinoa and vegetable salad, mixed whole grain and rice, red and sweet potato hash or a romaine and kale salad as the base. Next you will get the choice of either wood-grilled chicken, fish, chili spiced fried tofu or slow-roasted beef. Top it off with either a creamy herb dressing, charred onion chimichurri to a black bean vinaigrette. You can also select from a menu of "pods" which items such as vegetable curry or even a cheeseburger with root vegetable chips and veggie slaw.

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Pongu Pongu:

Meaning “Party Party” in Na’vi, invites you to try a wide arrange of cocktails, beers and snacks that are served by a friendly expat and are truly from another world.

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Be sure to swing by Windtrackers while you are in Pandora to take a remembrance of your time in the valley. This shop features items such as cultural artifacts, science kits and Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) apparel. You’ll be sure to find that special and unique gift for those you love back home.

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Who else is excited to check out this magical new land in Animal Kingdom?

Sheena Moberg is an independent contractor for Fairytale Adventures Travel Agency. Sheena specializes in family vacations to Disney, Universal, Cruises, and Sandals. You can reach Sheena at or on her Facebook page Sheena Moberg- Destination Specialist.

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