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Park Spotlight: Pin Trading at WDW

Let's Trade

When we go to Disney this is what my girls get excited about!! They love finding cast members and trading for theie favorites. They always leave the ones they are collecting at home. I take a picture with my cell, then they know which ones they already have. On this trip my youngest finished one of the sets she was collecting. My oldest is working on her Haunted Mansion collection. It is such a treasure hunt. Pin trading adds a little extra magic for them.

If you have never traded pins you should give it a try. Before we headed to Disney, I ordered a batch of Disney pins off of Ebay. If you are ordering from Ebay always check that they are actual Disney pins you are purchasing. We got 100 pins for around $40. There were some neat pins. The girls had a hard time deciding which they wanted to take to trade.

To get started Pin Trading, you will need a laynard or something to pin your pins to. We like the laynards. And obviously you will need your Disney pins for trading. When you see a cast member with pins you just go up to them and ask to see their pins. When my girls are trading the cast members have always let them pick the pin they would like and also the pin they would like to trade from their laynard. It's easy peasy and so much fun!!

They see a cast member and take off to hunt for their newest treasure.

When you are looking for cast members to trade with, look hard. There are some that are kinda tricky, for instance the cast member standing by a trash can at Animal Kingdom. If you look closely two sides of that trash can have pins for trading. So, always be on the look out.

This year they released 2 new sets of Disney Trading Pins. At Disney World they have " Smilling Disney Villians", "Fruit","Disney Dog Bones"', " Disney's The Lion King Characters", and "Chaser Pins".

At Disneyland you will find, "Smiling Disney Villians", "Fruit", "Attraction Icons", "Signs", "Disney's The Jungle Book Characters", and "Chaser Pins."

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Now you pick your favorites and let the trading begin. Good Luck completing your favorite collections.

Amy Bice

#WaltDisneyWorld #PinTrading

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