Cruise Spotlight: Norwegian Cruise Line Kids Clubs

July 29, 2017

When you think of going on a cruise, what is the first thing that comes to
mind?  For many it's a romantic getaway for two, or maybe a group of
friends getting "away from it all" for awhile.  Yet for others the first
thought that comes to mind is a memory filled family getaway that will
stick in their children's minds forever.  How many of you parents and
grandparents just had that dreamy thought followed by that scary rush of
cringe worthy emotions? "What will the kids do? How will they stay
occupied? Is a cruise really right for a child or a teen? Ugh, but when
the kids get bored they get into trouble! Is it more of a headache than
just having a staycation? I don't know, I just don't know."  If this is
you, have no fear because you are not alone! Norwegian Cruise Line clearly
100% understands your concerns, and has implemented some fantastic youth
programs to make sure that your children of all ages will love the cruise
experience just as much as you do! Hold on to your hats, because you are
going to be impressed with these awesome and complimentary programs!

Meet the Guppies!  The Guppies are the youngest group of Splash Academy
enthusiasts with their ages ranging from 6 months on up to 3 years old.
Parents must join in the fun at this age, making it an amazing way to
amuse the little ones, help them learn, and get some extra bonding time in
too.  The children will enjoy entertaining sensory activities including
baby art, puppets, a mini parent/child workout, and even story time/rhyme
time. You will delight in the children's happy squeals and giggles as they
move and
kiddie groove to fun children's music.


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Up next we have the Turtles of Norwegian Cruise Line's Splash Academy! The
Turtles range in age from 3 to 5 years old. Fill their day with lots of
theme filled fun. From circus school to arts and crafts.  Maybe it's
parades that they like?  How about t-shirt painting, storytelling, or even
treasure hunts?  With the Turtles of Splash Academy they can experience
all of this, and more!  As always, Norwegian Cruise Line's Splash Academy
provides for safe, stimulating, age appropriate sensory playtime and
engaging fun developmental activities that will make this a trip to

Ages 6 to 9 years old are Splash Academy Seals! Keeping in line with the
specific needs of each age group. The Seals have activities that will
perfectly suit their age group, developmental needs, and keep them
entertained for hours! Who doesn't love a theme night?  A pirate you say?
Aye aye matey! How about sports? Awe yes sports! Basketball, dodge ball,
even soccer. Do you have a gamer on your hands? That's fantastic because
they even have video games! Of course let's not forget the other games or
the opportunity for team growing challenges. Need something a little more
unique?  Wow does Splash Academy have it! Learn circus and show activities
like spinning plates and scarf juggling just to name a few.

Last but not least we have the Dolphins in the Splash Academy Program. 
The Dolphins consist of youth ages 10 to 12 years old.  Building upon
younger age group activities, the Dolphins can learn even more circus
skill fun!  Chinese yo-yo, ball juggling, and even stilts are available in
this age group for circus skill development. Scavenger hunts, sports, team
activities, challenges, team builders, games, and even video games will
keep your preteen loving the cruise life! Oh, and let's not forget the
theme nights! How about Spy Night or even Survivor night?  Fun activities,
combined with making friends, and building memories to last a lifetime.

Were you worried that it stopped there?  Take a deep breath and relax
because Norwegian Cruise Line wants your teenager happy too! Entourage is
specifically designed just for this. Get your relaxation time or your fun
time in while your teenager hangs out in their dreamland. If music is
their thing, they can "rock out" with singing and dancing through crazy
fun music jam sessions. How about their own teenage dance club at night?
Movies, sports, art, balloon sculptures, theme nights, gaming, the fun is
endless. Your teenager is certain to find just the right activity that
speaks to them.  Not to mention being able to "chill" with other teens and
make new friends from all over the world. Worried about supervision? Your
concerns are completely understood. You can feel safe in the knowledge
that Entourage programs are in fact supervised.


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As you can see, Norwegian Cruise Line genuinely wants your entire family
to get the most out of their cruise experience.  With Splash Academy and
Entourage you can trust that your children and teenagers are in a safe,
exciting, and fun, age appropriate, well supervised environment. You can
let go and savor your getaway knowing that the youngsters are soaking up
skill building, fun hobbies, learning new things, and making new friends.
Now breath easy, unwind, and relish all the different ways a cruise truly
is the trip of your dreams.  Let the worries go, and let the fun begin.




Tabitha Dodd is an Independent Agent of Fairytale Adventures Travel.  Tabitha specializes in vacations for the whole family.  Tabitha can be reached at, or find her on Facebook Tabitha Dodd-Travel Agent.  

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