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Park Spotlight: Magic Kingdom First Family

6 am on Friday of the last day of our trip. We’ve decided to do the Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom this morning so it’s an early morning rise and shine for the family and everyone seems to be taking it pretty well! We grabbed a couple snacks to munch on and jump on the bus to head to the park. I posted a goofy selfie of the hubby and I:

“Up early and on the bus for Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom!! Woot woot!! #NeedStarbucks

We got to the park a little after 6:30am and headed for the security checkpoint. While Dan and I went through the metal detectors, the kids hung out with a Cast Member and we could hear Kailyn talking to her, “Yea, that’s my Mom and Dad, and this is my little brother.”

Dan and I walked over to them and said hi and the cast member greeted us and said, “Good Morning! You guys are going to come with me! We’ve got something special for you guys to do!”

At this moment, we all looked at each other and had a feeling we knew what was about to happen. They took us and walked us up to the front gates where another cast member confirmed our suspicions: “You guys are our First Family of the Day today and get to help Mickey and the gang open the park!” …...I almost died right then and there. This was a dream come true for me. I always wondered how those lucky families got to be chosen - and it was literally just that - LUCK!! We were whisked away and got to meet this guy, who conducted the whole thing, man I wish I could remember his name!

We got to be in the train station while the morning production was going on (which is my absolute favorite might I add). We got to get 1 photo printed out for being the First Family and this photo is the one we chose and it’s hanging in our living room:

After the production, the train pulls up with Mickey and the gang and then they call out for the Litteral Family from New Port Richey, Fl to come help open up Magic Kingdom so out we come from the train station, walk across the train and onto the platform and look out at all of the other guests and wave at them. I was right next to MICKEY MOUSE!!!

The instructions were to wave to the crowd and all I could think of is how bad I wanted to HUG that MOUSE! But I kept my cool and just waved:

After the park opened we went outside the Train Station and got a private ride in the Fire Engine up Main Street to the Castle where we had a private photo session. Danny got to crank the horn the whole way too! I don’t think I stopped smiling all day - but then again I was at Disney World!

Always remember when you are at Disney, a magical moment can happen at any time so always stay positive and keep smiling. Dreams do come true!

“So exciting!! #FirstFamily #MagicKingdom#DreamComeTrue #BestDayEver #Can'tStopSmiling

Nedi Litteral

#FirstFamily #MagicKingdom

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