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Cruise Spotlight: RCI Alcohol Policy

Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean Blog

RCI Alcohol Policy and Drink Packages

Two of the main questions that I get asked after booking a cruise for my clients are:

Can I bring alcohol onto the ship?


Does the ship have a drink package?

Let’s look a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and their alcohol policy.

When boarding a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, you can carry on 2 bottles of wine or champagne (no larger than 750 ml) per stateroom. You may NOT carryon any beer, liquor, or non-alcoholic beverages. If a guest tries to board with a prohibited item, it will be discarded. However, a guest is permitted to purchase alcohol or beverages at the ports of call. These items will be stored for the guests and delivered to them before disembarking on the last day.

You may not be able to board with your own liquor or beer, but Royal Caribbean has made sure to offer you several Beverage packages to choose from. The ship offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic packages that range in prices and inclusions.

Water Package: This package gives you the opportunity to order bottled water is a selection of sizes ranging from 8-24 bottles. This is a great opportunity for guests to have water on hand and available in their staterooms and to carry off the ship to the ports of call.

Classic Soda Package: This package allows you unlimited refills of fountain soda in any of the ships venues. Guests that purchase this package will also receive a free Coca-Cola souvenir cup.

Refreshment package: This package is for those that want more variety in a non-alcoholic beverage package. They will receive a selection of juices, teas, premium coffees, bottled water, non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as the unlimited soda and free souvenir Coca-Cola cup.

Deluxe beverage package- This is the package for guests that want to enjoy the ships selection of cocktails, beer, wine, spirits and liqueurs. The beverages ordered may not cost more than $12 or the guest will be charged the difference in price. This package also includes the benefits of the previous package and will give guests access unlimited soda refills, premium coffees, teas, juices etc.

So now that we have the important questions out of the way, lets pick a destination, pack our bags, and get to relaxing on one of Royal Caribbean’s beautiful ships.

I’ll meet you there!!

Amber Glenn is an independent contractor for Fairytale Adventures Travel Agency. She specializes in family, group, and military family trips to Disney, Universal, Royal Caribbean Cruise, Norwegian Cruise and Carnival Cruises. You can contact Amber at or on her Facebook Hakuna Matata Adventures.

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