Cruise Spotlight: MSC Kids Clubs

September 27, 2017

Welcome aboard your MSC Cruise. Did you know that MSC is a family owned
business? Who better to take a family cruise with than a company who's
foundation is built on family.  MSC Cruises understands the need for an
array of activities tailored to individual needs, but also activities
focused on the family as a whole. With MSC you can trust that you and the
kids, will have an experience to match your dreams.

I have just one word for you, "FREE". Children under eighteen travel for
FREE when they share a cabin with their dear parents.  Yes, you read that
right, FREE. What an amazing way to kick off a lighthearted, exciting,
fun, adventurous, and yet peaceful cruise? I'm pretty sure you parents are
already enjoying this cruise with that fantastic news! However, that's
just the beginning. MSC knows that different age groups have different
desires and interests to meet their getaway needs, and boy does MSC have

Youngster under 3 years old, welcome to the Mini Club! You can spend hours
here learning and giggling with delight.  Dad and Mom, you get to join in
the fun too! At the Mini Club little ones get to bond with you and other
children their own age.  Making memories and having fun. Plus Mom and Dad
get to meet new people too!  Your little one will learn and have fun with
toys specifically chosen by Osservatorio Chicco, Baby Research Center.
Have fun with music, baby Olympics, or practice English with the Bilingual
program. Of course there's always the chance to meet the mascot Dorebaby!
The MSC Mini Club even offers Babycare Service, but don't forget to book
ahead due to limited availability. Then there's the fact that those active
cute youngsters have a way of making a little extra mess on their clothes,
but no worries! MSC has just the thing for that. With Baby Laundry Service
for kids ages 0-6, their clothes will be washed separate, and in specially
designed machines with the perfect laundry detergent to gently take care
of any extra muck.


Calling all kids and juniors to join the crew at DOREMILAND! DOREMILAND is
comprised of two groups, the Miniclub and the Juniors Club.  The Miniclub
is comprised of the Sailors, ages 3-6. The Juniors Club is made up of the
Pirates, ages 7-11. Athletics, dance class, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3,
Lego activities, arts and crafts, and more!  Your Sailor or Pirate are
sure to find the activity that speaks to them! There are even special
activities such as a pool parade, a family disco, cooking classes, and a
talent show.  The variety of activities available seems endless.


Did I mention that with MSC you'll even find amazing children's meal
options tailored for the kids and juniors?  Attend the Fun Time Dinners at
the Buffet Restaurant, and the kids will relish in exciting entertainment
as you enjoy your meal.  The Happy Dinner is another fantastic option. 
With the Happy Dinner the kids eat their meal while sitting with you as
you enjoy your appetizers. Once the children are done eating, they are
shown to the Miniclub for loads of fun. All of this while the grownup's
continue to enjoy their own meal.  Here's a neat fact to top it off, every
restaurant aboard MSC Cruises offers a children's menu! You can feel
assured that the kiddoes will be able to choose from numerous delicious
and kid friendly options.


Next up we have the Young Club which is for ages 12-14, and the Teens Club
for ages 15-17. The Young Club is enjoyed with Youth Team Service, the
Teens Club with Teen Entertainer Service. MSC truly understands that 
teenagers of varying ages have very different interests, needs, and
desires. They also recognize the fact that it's very important for your
teen to have the option of mingling and building friendships with others
their own age.  These age specific needs are exactly why the teen age
groups are split into two different cool clubs. Clubs where your teenager
can truly be themselves, make quality memories, and build friendships.
Night time activities include an iPop Competition, movie trivia, Just
Dance, and Karaoke. Even nightly video and music requests!  In the daytime
they'll enjoy Social Network games, Wii, Dance Contests, Xbox, PS3, and
Teenage Spa Treatments. There are even fun weekly events for the teens
that include a Flashmob, talent show, a formal night, pool games, and a
scavenger hunt. These are just a few of the spectacular activities
available to keep your teenager happy and entertained.


As you can see, with MSC there are countless ways to keep all ages of
children joyful and relishing their cruise experience. With so many age
specific exciting activities available, they will easily find their
"niche".  With MSC Kids Clubs the parents, grandparents, adults, can sit
back and relax as they can feel secure in the knowledge that their cruise
is filled with enjoyment for the entire family.  Bon Voyage!



Tabitha Dodd is an Independent Agent of Fairytale Adventures Travel.  Tabitha specializes in vacations for the whole family.  Tabitha can be reached at, or find her on Facebook Tabitha Dodd - Travel Agent.  


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