Agent Spotlight: Tiffany Romero

As a little girl my parents would take my Sister and I to Disney World.. Back then we lived in Florida. The trip was always for the weekend even though we lived about 2 hours away. We loved our family time. I enjoyed riding the rides with my father. We both love thrill rides. As we grew older the vacations grew up with us. Instead of Disney World we would go to Mrytle beach, Virginia Beach, Ocean City Maryland to name a few. My father disliked the beach, but that seemed to be where we always went on vacation. We went camping once and my mother got bug bites all over her legs.... she freaked out and the next day we were in Florida at the beach. Pretty funny right? Family vacations are about family time and enjoying the company of the one whom you love most. So my dad thought me that a vacation is about us... All of us. As we get older we tend to forget this.

Who would have thought that 3 and 1/2 years ago, I would be where I am Today in the Travel Industry. I LOVE going on vacation...I used a travel agent...until one day my Disney Travel Specialist told me something. She said, you know so much about Disney you do not need me to plan your trip... but I have a friend who is looking for Travel Agents just like you. I was intrigued by this...I could help others plan there Vacations and get paid to do it. The next day I was talking to Brandy...two days later I took the plunge at a new career. One that can earn an income and one that would allow me to travel to places I have never dreamed of.

Being a travel agent and helping create special memorable trips for my clients is amazing. I am a mother of 2 special needs children and this amazing opportunity has given some many wonderful memories. Our children love to travel anywhere especially Disney World. We try and make each trip memorable. Each of my clients have my complete dedication to there trip. I love planning all there aspects of their trip no matter what the destination maybe. I have attended Sandals and Beaches workshops and became certified with them, along with Norweigan Cruise line and Disney.

Sometimes people ask a simple question and think it is silly...however when traveling no question is silly...they are all equally important. I am so happy I took the leap and went out of my comfort zone. I love planning amazing vacations. I truly appreciate all my clients and the referrals they send my way. I have made some amazing new friends that I would never of met otherwise.

Tiffany Romero is an Independent Agent of Fairytale Adventures Travel. She is a frequent visitor to Disney World. She specializes in special needs travel for adults and children and family travel. Tiffany can be reached at or on her Facebook Pixie Dust and Travel.

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