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Adventures By Disney Spotlight: Iceland

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Friends!! I have found a new place to add to my travel bucket list! Iceland!! As I was researching this blog post my hubby and I were drooling over this amazing itinerary and have decided that we must absolutely see these things! This is one of the newest destinations that you can experience starting in 2018.

Let's start by talking about Adventures by Disney. If you are not familiar (which honestly I wasn't either before I started this travel endeavor) then let me give you a brief overview of how amazing these trips are. Think of the best possible guided tour that you can imagine... that's what this is! Your will be in a small group which will be led every step of the way by 2 tour guides who along with local experts will have you engaging in extraordinary experiences that just aren't available to the public. Each itinerary has it's own unique things to do from adult to kid friendly fun. All of the details are taken care of for you and your family from the moment you arrive at the airport where you will be greeted by your tour guides. From refreshments en route to your tour destinations to transfers and luggage service, you will have the full VIP treatment. These are truly culturally immersive, one of a kind experiences that you cannot find anywhere else. Sounds great already, right?

So, for me, Iceland was not a place I had ever thought of travelling to... until now that is! Holy cow this place is cool! (Pun intended) You will marvel at the unparalleled beauty as you will get to experience waterfalls, glaciers, whale watching and even volcanoes!

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Let's delve deeper and talk about some of the amazing things on this itinerary. There are too many great things to list so I will touch on some of the trip highlights but if you are interested please check out the entire itinerary here.

On your first day after being picked up by a driver at the airport you will be whisked away to the amazing Blue Lagoon where you will be indulged with a silica mud mask, sauna and steam rooms and a man-made waterfall.

Day 2 has you riding Icelandic horses viking style, very cool! You will be off on an adventure to see a volcanic crater and a national park with waterfalls, hot springs and a very active geyser spout.

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Day 3 will find you out on a glacier hike with a glacier expert guide where you will be able to explore ice formations and a really spectacular waterfall. After which you will board a motorized boat to see the massive icebergs from Europe's largest glacier.

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Day 4 finds you whale watching for humpback whales in the longest fjord in Iceland. You will set sail from a small fishing village where you can also try your hand at some cod fishing from the boat.

Day 5 after a visit to a thousand year old farm with a museum display the day and evening are yours to explore the seaside village of Husavik where you will be able to tour the whale museum, check out the natural beauty of the area or enjoy some shopping.

Day 6 your next adventure has you off to see some natural beauty including waterfalls, natural hot springs and some awe inspiring lava formations. You will be able to take part in baking Iceland's famous brown geyser bread where you will bury your dough underground and it will be baked by the heat from the nearby hot springs. End your day with a visit to the nature baths where you can partake in a bathing lagoon and steam bath.

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Day 7 will have you on a dramatic but not too scary river rafting trip through some of Iceland's amazing deep canyon scenery. Your day will end with a farewell dinner that includes a true viking feast served on viking style trays with surprises throughout the evening.

Day 8 will be the end of this unforgettable journey. After breakfasting at your hotel you will board a motor coach and head to the airport for your flight home.

Ok, so seriously, how amazing does all that sound!? There are so many truly breathtaking things about this that I would just love to experience. Can you just imagine the stories that you and your family would have to share after that trip?!! This is an adventure that you are not going to find anywhere else folks. Truly, truly I want to experience this so much!!

Adria Wenz is an independent contractor for Fairytale Adventures Travel Agency. She specializes in family travel to Disney, Universal, All Inclusive's and Cruising. You can contact Adria at or on her Facebook Adria Wenz- Destination Specialist.


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