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Adventures By Disney Spotlight: Ecuador & Galápagos Islands

Photo Credit: Adventures By Disney

How exciting would it be to take a 4-night cruise in the secluded Galápagos Islands while exploring the islands of this volcanic archipelago on land and water? What about going on a private tour of a working rose plantation in the Andean highlands region and delight in a colorful array of beautiful flowers in Ecuador? What about encountering the unique wildlife of the red and blue-footed boobies, sea turtles, giant land tortoises, sally crabs and more? For those looking to really emerge themselves into the nature and culture of an untouched corner of the world, we have the experience of a lifetime for you!

What is Adventures By Disney?

First, let’s discuss Adventures By Disney. Disney has been known as the leader in magical vacations with memories that last a lifetime, but did you know they also feature experiences throughout the world that will take your family on the ultimate adventure? Introducing Adventures By Disney! See the world through new eyes as you embark on your journey to explore new destinations and experiences. Adventures by Disney has truly elevated the family experience of traveling abroad. If you want to explore with a group or with an adult exclusive itinerary, Disney offers these as well. With Disney, there is no need to worry about the planning of your adventure, just pick your destination and the rest will fall into place for you!

Why Adventures By Disney?

What makes Adventures by Disney different? You get two adventure guides that stay with you throughout your trip and are local experts that lead the storytelling of your adventure. Each trip is designed with unique experiences for adventures of all ages. Disney has set up relationships within the local communities to bring you closer engagements with the people, culture and traditions along your adventure. With insider access, Disney also offers exclusive dinners, backstage access, VIP tours and other special activities, depending on the destination. These adventures are truly and experience of a lifetime!

Why Ecuador & Galápagos?

With this 9 day itinerary you arrive in Quito, Ecuador. While your party is in Ecuador you will experience the famous Quitsato Equator Sundial while standing on the “Center of the World,” visit a fragrant rose plantation in the highlands region, make your own Andean flute and discover the art behind weaving the handicrafts of Ecuador. All that just the highlights of your first day!

Here are some highlights for the rest of the trip:

· While touring around the volcanic archipelago of the Galápagos Islands, you get to sail on board the Santa Cruz II Cruise Vessel.

Photo Credit: Adventures By Disney

· You will get to hike and snorkel to discover the wildlife that call the Galápagos Islands home.

Photo Credit: Adventures By Disney

· Snorkel and explore the cliffs and natural rock formations of the Buccaneer Cove Cliffs.

· Swim with the marine turtles of Santiago Island.

Photo Credit: Adventures By Disney

· Barter with local sellers for vibrant woven textiles and local folk art at the Otavalo market.

· Keep your eyes out for sea lions, iguanas and other marine life while touring Rabida Island

Photo Credit: Adventures By Disney

· Get a first-hand look at how the Parque Condor refuge is bring back the Andean condor from the verge of extinction.

· Visit the tortoise breeding area and Galápagos Province capital of San Cristóbal Island.

· Visit with a local musical family while making your very own Andean flute.

Adventures By Disney offers you the chance to get closer to World then you have ever been before. Thanks to the arrangements that Disney has made, you will be able to soak up the serene beauty of the islands, discover the rich culture of the Ecuadorian people, experience rare bird and animal sightings and take home memories of an unsoiled territory that will last a lifetime.

Important Trip Details:


Minimum Age: 7

Recommended Age: 8+


Arrive: Quito International Airport (UIO)

Return: Guayaquil International Airport (GYE)


JW Marriott Hotel Quito

Puertolago Country Inn

Santa Cruz II Ship

Hotel del Parque

Sheena Moberg is an independent contractor for Fairytale Adventures Travel Agency. Sheena specializes in family vacations to Disney, Universal, Cruises, and Sandals. You can reach Sheena at or on her Facebook page Sheena Moberg- Destination Specialist.

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