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Dining Spotlight: Spirit of Aloha

Ever wonder about doing a Luau Dinner Show at Disney's Polynesian Resort? It is actually called Spirit of Aloha. Well I had a chance to experience this Amazing Entertaining Show while On my last Disney World Vacation and I am happy I was given the opportunity to see it and enjoy it.

The show and dinner take about 2 hours and they have 2 sittings 5:15 pm and 8:15 pm Tuesday through Saturday only. And the show is weather permitting (If it is raining the show maybe cancelled please keep this in mind if you do make a reservation).

Reservations for Spirit of Aloha can be made 180 days before Travel and they do charge at time of booking if you are not using the Disney Dining Plan.

The first 45 minutes of the show is the whole story I am not going to give it away. But the show does have a meaningful purpose. The embiance draws you into the Islands. A lovely

and meaningful purpose. The embiance draws you into the Islands. The lovely dances and the songs make you feel like you are right in the story with the performers. While the story is being told take time to enjoy the all you can eat Family Style meal of Salad, pineapple, Chicken, Spare Ribs, Rice, Pulled Pork, Vegetables, Noodles and Bread. You also get unlimited drinks or Beer, wine and Sangria(there are other liquors available at an additional charge per beverage). The performers also get the crowd involved in the show. Have the kiddos get up and learn how to Hula with the dancers. If you have a Birthday in the month you are traveling I highly suggest getting up and doing the Birthday dance with all the fellow crowd members. I did this it was so fun to be involved in that.

Get up and Dance with your spouse during the Romantic is absolutely

Romantic is absolutely worth the rekindling of romance while in a Family vacation. Don't worry about Dessert that is included as well. After eating your delicious meal you will then see the performers work there Magic.

Photo credit Anthony Rodd

The performers were amazing. I could not believe my eyes. They honestly take pride in there cultures. The way the move there bodies in perfect Synchronization. They performed a variety of dances from different locations. Each dance had a meaning and they made you feel like you were part of dance. They leave the best for last. The fire he was absolutely on FIRE. Not literally...if you go see Spirit of Aloha you will know what I mean.

Tiffany Romero

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