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Eighteen Summers

Eighteen summers, that’s all you get. EIGHTEEN! And as I write this, I have realized that six of mine have already gone by. So what is eighteen summers you may ask? It’s those precious years that you have while your children are with you. It’s those memories of their childhood that will stick with them the most. It’s those special bonding times that you have with your children and family while they are still under your wings.

A few years ago, my husband and I had a long and deep discussion about the hope and dreams we had for our family while our daughter was still young. We decided then that we were going to try to make our experiences more about allowing her to experience the world at a young age and to take these moments that last a lifetime and make them a reality.

When she was younger, she went everywhere with us. Now that she is starting to get older, she is active in different organizations, school and sports. Life is now busier and time is flying by right before our very eyes.

Every year we plan a big trip. Sometimes it’s just us and sometimes other family or friends join us in our travels. We still make time for us to make those little moments that will stick with our daughter and be imprinted on our hearts. This is my advice for you to make the most out of these eighteen summers (or however many you have left):

· Take the trip – Some will tell you the kids are too young, or you may think that you’re too busy. Do it! The world has so much to offer us! It doesn’t always have to be a major vacation but go somewhere! I will never forget the first time my daughter met Mickey!

· Find something new – If you tend to vacation in the same places, find something new to explore within that destination. Go on an adventure, take a hike, watch the sunrise, have a campfire, change it up a little.

· Take the photos – I’m one who does not like to be in photos, but over time I have come to realize that I’m already missing in some from other summers. I missed out on documenting those moments. Doesn’t mean you have to share that photo but you will have it for yourself and the family. Who cares if you’ve been swimming all day, this maybe one of those cherished memories.

· Make Every Summer Count! Seize those moments with the ones you love the most!

Eighteen years sounds like a long time, but it’s those eighteen summers that will go by in a flash. Are you savoring those summers? Are you making every summer count? We only have eighteen total and that’s not a lot!

Sheena Moberg is an independent contractor for Fairytale Adventures Travel Agency. Sheena specializes in family vacations to Disney, Universal, Cruises, and Sandals. You can reach Sheena at or on her Facebook page Sheena Moberg- Destination Specialist.


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