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Park Spotlight: Blizzard Beach

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

Blizzard Beach is a water park in Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This water park opened on April 1, 1995. This park is a one time ski resort that melted away into a water park. This park has many attractions for those of all ages.

Water slides that will catapult you straight down, one in an inner tube where you face an opponent going 50 feet downhill at massive speeds or You can relax on a tube in the cross Country Creek which takes you all around the water park. Why not slide down Snow Stromers on a toboggan type mat on your belly and take on the slides curves which last 350 feet? Grab your family (rafts hold 4 to 6 guests) and set upon Teamboat Springs here you will need to Hold on and Be willing to be propelled into 1200 feet of twists and turns while on this super wide water slide which contains whitewater rapids and paths of drenching splashes and sprays.

Did you ever hear of Mount Gushmore? You haven't well guess what Now you have. This Mountain is in the heart of Blizzard Beach. Why not head over and sit back and relax with the breathe taking views of this snow capped mountain while on your inner tube in MELT a Way bay, enjoy the refreshing waterfall or relax on the beaches and soak up some Sun. Also you can take a turn on Summit Plummet which is one of the world's tallest free fall body slides(drops you 120 feet).

If you have little ones do not worry the park also has an area called Time's Pike which is a polar themed area. They can have fun on the children sized slides and splash in the water with many other activities. Please make sure to have adult supervision at all time for your young ones.

Tiffany Romero

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