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Park Spotlight: 5 Attractions Your Toddler Can't Miss at Walt Disney World

Taking your toddler to Walt Disney World is such an exciting time! Seeing their little face as they experience all the Disney firsts, Cinderella Castle, Festival of Fantasy parade, Happily Ever After fireworks, meeting their favorite character and of course the attractions! There are so many great attractions for them to enjoy at each park but as I made this list I found that my top 5 were all at Magic Kingdom park, this probably doesn't come as much of a surprise. They are also all in the Fantasyland area of the park which Is also not much of a surprise. This area was made for the young (and young at heart too as this is my favorite as well!) Read on for a few of the choices that your little mouseketeer will love!

#1 It's a Small World

This oldie but goodie has an infectious theme song that will stay in your brain through the rest of time. Try not to sing along as you ride in a slow-moving boat that is tame enough for even the smallest of babies. Kids love the animatronic dolls and animals from all over the world who sing, dance, and move to the music representing countries like France, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, and so many more. Parents like the air-conditioning and the chance to take a load off for ten minutes, plus it has a great message of world peace. There are so many beautifully decorated scenes and over 300 dolls to see so this ride has plenty to keep your little ones (and you) entertained for more than one journey. My kids must ride this every time we go and it's a family fave! FastPass is available but usually not necessary as the lines move at a steady pace.

#2 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh and all his friends are here as you board a hunny pot and go on a grand adventure through the hundred acre woods. With bright colors and charming songs there is a lot for your little one to enjoy. See familiar scenes from this classic tale come to life as you ride through and explore a blustery day in the hundred acre woods, a dream scene with Heffalumps and Woozles, bounce along with Tigger as your hunny pot vehicle joins in the fun, and end up at a party for Pooh as he finally gets his honey. This ride vehicle does bounce and there are a few darkish parts but the story is kept light and the music keeps things pleasant so most small children love this attraction. A great thing about this ride is that while lines tend to be long there are a lot of interactive play spaces to keep kids happy to wait. There is FastPass available but it's worth it to try the queue at least once. Little ones can draw on a "honey wall" where a constant stream of honey flows (not to worry parents, it's just a video screen), move rings through the buzzing bees, play hide and seek with gophers, crawl through tunnels, visit Piglet's and Eeyore's house and more.

#3 Peter Pan's Flight

This is a classic favorite that never gets old! Everyone from babies to adults love this attraction! Climb aboard a pirate ship and with the help of pixie dust fly off to Neverland. Scenes from the animated film Peter Pan are delightful. The ride starts in the Darling nursery where you see Wendy, John, and Michael meet Peter Pan. The ride continues as you fly out the window to soar over the night skies of London where you will see Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. Fly to Neverland where you will pass over Skull Rock, see frolicking mermaids, meet the Lost Boys, watch Peter duel with Captain Hook on his pirate ship, and then head back to London. FastPass is highly recommended, due to popularity of this attraction the wait times can be very long. There has recently been an interactive queue added so waiting is much more enjoyable. Get a sprinkle of pixie dust, see Tinker Bell fly, and watch your shadow come to life as you wait in line.

#4 Dumbo the Flying Elephant

This iconic attraction is a must for every trip to Disney World! Take a whimsical ride as you hop aboard Dumbo and fly into the sky. Your kids can control the levers and choose how high the ride vehicle goes which keeps even the most timid fliers happy. Carnival themed music keeps thigs light-hearted and be sure to keep an eye out for Timothy mouse. A huge hit with the kids (and air conditioning and benches for parents) is the circus-themed play area. Get a pager that alerts you when it's your turn to ride and watch as your littles slide, climb, and explore this fantastic themed zone. FastPass is available but kids like the play zone so much it isn't a necessity.

#5 Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

Relive your favorite scenes from the animated hit The Little Mermaid. Enter Prince Eric's castle through an underground cavern where you will board a slow-moving clam shell and journey under the sea. No need to fear, although it looks like you travel under water you won't get wet. Hear favorite songs, see dancing fish, watch as Ariel and Eric fall in love, encounter the sea witch (this scene can be dark but passes quickly). See Ariel's grotto, meet her favorite pals along the way, and end your journey with a wedding scene complete with fireworks. Fun for the whole family and so much to see you'll want to ride this one more than once. There is a cute interactive queue with adorable crabs that do some hilarious hijinks but FastPass can be a great option for this ride due to its popularity. Be sure to visit the nearby Ariel's grotto where you can meet your favorite red-haired mermaid and get some cute pics.

One of the great things about taking a family trip to Walt Disney World is the fact that there is so many things for every age group to enjoy so don't worry that your toddler is too young to enjoy your trip. It was actually very hard for me to come up with this list because there are so many attractions at each park that little ones would love! Don't take my word for it, bring your toddler to Disney World and watch the magic happen!!

Adria Wenz is an independent contractor for Fairytale Adventures Travel Agency. She specializes in family travel to Disney, Universal, All Inclusives and Cruising. You can contact Adria at or on her Facebook Adria Wenz- Destination Specialist.

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