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Must Haves for your next Disney vacation

Planning a vacation to the happiest place on earth can be daunting, but it can also be fun, and almost easy if you know what to pack. To me, packing is one of the most exciting parts of the trip. It means the trip is approaching and the feeling of getting everything organized is awesome tome! Everyone that has visited Disney World or Disney Land before leaves with a list of items that they wished that they would have brought, or even some things that they could leave at home next time. In this blog you will hear about some must haves for a Disney vacation straight from a Disney vacation planner.

1. One of the biggest must haves for your vacation are comfortable shoes. You wouldn’t believe how much walking you will do in the parks! You also wouldn’t believe how a tiny little blister could be so painful and could ruin a day! This is coming from a shoe lover. I love all the cute shoes. But when we go to disney I am all about comfort. I know that when you are walking upwards to 10 miles a day, you don’t want sore feet to slow you down. Skip the flip flops, heels, or anything uncomfortable and invest in some comfortable tennis shoes or supportive sandals. Your feet will thank you! Trust me when I say you will be so glad you took this advice!

2. Another thing that is important to bring is a backpack. You don’t want to be carrying things around all day, and it is much easier to just throw stuff in a backpack and carry that. You can carry some snacks, sunscreen, your poncho, medications, or whatever else you may think you need in there. It is way more convenient than carrying a purse, and you can easily take it on and off to get on rides. We always make sure we keep our maps of the park, some waters, snacks, and any other essentials in a bag for the whole family so that everyone isn’t carrying a bunch of bags around.

4. Something else I tell people to remember to bring is water. You are able to have snacks, drinks, etc. delivered to your resort prior to your arrival. Your room will have a refrigerator inside of it and it is really great to have a cold water or drink with you at all times! No waiting in line and you definitely save yourself money by buying bottles of water ahead of time. You can get free tap water in the parks, but bottles of water do cost much more than they would outside of the park, so I always highly recommend buying ahead of time.

5. A great stroller if you have little ones is a must! When we went a few months ago we took our graco stroller and it has a awesome area in the bottom to put anything we need to store. We were able to put bags, ponchos, snacks, drinks, pretty much anything we needed to bring, in that bottom compartment. It was so convenient, and I am so glad we had that. Also, you will be so happy you had your stroller for your kids to be able to take a little break from all of that walking. The parks are a lot of walking for an adult, so just imagine how much more it is to a small child! But no worries, Disney is very stroller friendly so you will have no trouble getting around. As of May 1 of this year though, some restrictions have been put on the size of strollers so be sure and check the guidelines before you pack up your stroller!

6. The last thing I always try to bring is a positive outlook. It may sound odd, but sometimes, well lots and lots of times, vacations don’t go your way. Honestly things just happen sometimes. Sometimes you can’t find a dining reservation, sometimes arguments happen, sometimes the kids get sick, embrace the moment. The last time I was in Disney I was 6 months pregnant and honestly not feeling the greatest. I was feeling hot, tired, and swollen, but I am still so thankful we took that vacation. Seeing my then two year old’s face see the characters and all of the magic of disney was so worth it! Learn to go with the flow and roll with the punches. You will most likely have a rainy day in Disney, so make the best of it. Find things to do, shows to see, and realize that vacation still goes on and be thankful that you are getting to have the experience that you are. After all you are at the happiest place on earth!

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