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Five Things you need to know about an Alaskan Cruise

  1. You should travel between May and September. The lowest prices to cruise will be most likely in May and September, which will also be the coldest months within this time frame. When selecting a cruise line, contact your travel agent to give you the cruise ship options that will best meet you and your families needs.

  2. Pack and dress in layers for your cruise to Alaska. The weather in Alaska can be tricky. Last year I was in Alaska and it was warm at times. You should look at the weather ten days out to see what the average temperature is going to be. A lightweight rain jacket is a must. I actually bought a jacket at one of the ports for only $20.00. You will want to also to have comfortable walking shoes.

  3. Book your excursions early when you are going on an Alaskan cruise. The special excursions for Helicopter Dog Sledding Adventure on a glacier, Helicopter Glacier Discovery and other excursions go fast due to the limited availability.

  4. Join a Facebook group for the cruise line you are going on. My last trip to Alaska I joined The Bliss Alaskan Cruise Group. You can ask any question and or concerns and receive great advice. This particular FB page was extremely polite and helpful.

  5. Always fly the day before you go on a cruise to Alaska. Seattle is one of the top cities an Alaskan cruise ship leaves out of. Seattle is the home of Starbucks and you will find the first store and also at a separate location the Starbucks Reserve & Tasting Room. It is dubbed the “Willy Wonka factory of coffee,” all of the rare, small-lot Starbucks coffee are roasted and packaged here before being shipped all over the world. The address is 1124 Pike Peak Street.

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