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Where Dreams Come True:
Your Disney Experience Starts Here

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As reliable travel consultants, our role extends beyond the basics of dining reservations and arranging travel packages. Our meticulously crafted itineraries are uniquely designed to help you bypass lengthy queues and make the most of your time engaging in activities that truly matter to you.

It's possible that you're currently experiencing a sense of being inundated...

The deeper you delve into planning your Disney vacation, the more apparent it becomes that there's a multitude of decisions awaiting you. Not to mention the daunting tales of enduring endless queues within the parks! The task of determining your accommodations and the duration of your stay can leave you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.

This is where Fairytale Adventures Travel comes in!

Tailored VIP Planning and Concierge Service for Walt Disney World

A Walt Disney World getaway is meant to be enchanting, and we are committed to making it truly magical! From assisting you in choosing the ideal resort, dining options, and more, to crafting a completely personalized park touring plan and schedule, your planner's Disney expertise will prove invaluable to you.

It all starts with a personalized consultation to identify your vacation preferences and requirements.

Planning Fee Starting at $300
Includes The Following:


Diligent research to identify the perfect vacation options tailored to your needs.


Proficient guidance regarding the most suitable ticket type and duration for your family's specific requirements.


Presentation of comprehensive trip proposals, including pricing, showcasing the finest choices.


Our top Disney recommendations cover various aspects, including prime spots for fireworks viewing and savvy strategies for optimizing both your time and budget for an exceptional vacation experience.


Suggestions for selecting the least crowded parks each day, guaranteeing a smoother park touring experience.


A comprehensive transportation guide, including various options for navigating the resort and estimated travel durations.


Facilitation of special requests, such as arranging in-room surprises, birthday cakes, spa appointments, or any other personal preferences you may have in mind.



Handling of your bookings with a focus on securing the best value and service.


Knowledgeable recommendations for dining selections to enhance your experience. Timely and strategic booking of Advanced Dining Reservations, ensuring you secure your preferred choices.


Tailored park touring itineraries, customized to your specific ride and attraction preferences, meticulously planned for each day of your visit. Through the combination of our unique strategy and Genie's tools, we aim to minimize your wait times as much as possible.


Coordination of reservations for special activities, ranging from princess makeovers to pirate cruises and many more exciting experiences.


Ongoing monitoring of prices: We'll keep an eye out for Disney's discount opportunities and apply them to your reservation, ensuring you receive the best available rates that align with your travel dates.

As always, ongoing support and assistance, accessible with a simple phone call or email, to address any questions or concerns you may encounter throughout your journey.
Brandy was delightful to work with! She made EVERYTHING a breeze for our family trip. Planned all of our needs for 7 of us - A Disney AND Beach trip flawlessly. Friendly. Timely. Trustworthy. 10/10 would recommend to anyone and would most definitely would work with again!

A. Hacker

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