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Embark on Extraordinary Adventures:
Let Us Discover Your Perfect Cruise

The world of cruising is incredibly extensive and broad. You might be feeling overwhelmed at the moment. As you immerse yourself further in the process of organizing your cruise vacation, you'll notice that there's a plethora of choices to be made. Selecting your cabin, departure points, and the length of your trip can be quite daunting due to the sheer amount of information involved. That's where Fairytale Adventures Travel steps in!

Fairytale Adventures Travel takes pride in collaborating with major and the majority of lesser-known cruise companies. Don't hesitate to have a conversation with your preferred Fairytale Adventures Travel representative today!

Tailored VIP Planning and Concierge Service for Cruising

A cruise escape should be filled with enchantment, and our dedication is to transform it into a truly enchanting experience! Whether it's helping you select the perfect cruise line, ship, dining selections, and more, or tailoring an individualized itinerary for exploring exotic islands, your planner's knowledge will be an invaluable asset.

It begins with a customized consultation to understand your vacation desires and needs.

Planning Fee Starting at $100
Includes The Following:


Begin with a customized consultation to understand your vacation desires and needs. We have a range of questions for you, including some you might not have pondered before. Our mission is to guide you in discovering the vacation choices that will genuinely match your desires. 


Tailoring selections to your preferences, our consultants will personally curate the top destination matches for your consideration. Once you've made your choice, your adventure kicks off with the booking.



After you've made your choice from our thoughtfully curated options, your agent will handle all the arrangements on your behalf. This includes organizing flights, transfers, resort accommodations, and activity reservations, allowing you to sit back and relax without any hassle.


You benefit from continuous expert assistance (even during your getaway!) Our consultants are available to assist you both before and during your journey. Need information or encounter an issue? We're at your service!

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